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General Conditions of Use of the website
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“Site” means the website, any page and any section thereof. By extension ” Site ” also means Antiquités en Provence owner of the website.
“Article” means any antiques or works of art that are the subject of an advertisement
“User” ” you ” Internet user ” means any person who uses the Website.
“Member” means the User registered on the Site after completing the registration form.
“Advertiser” any Internet user who subscribes to a free or paid service.


Information relating to Advertisers is communicated by them and published on the Site under their control.
The Site can in no way be held responsible for the content of the information provided by Advertisers as well as for any transaction that may be carried out between an Advertiser and an Internet User.


The Site gathers in the same place of exhibition, in the form of advertisements, the pieces offered for sale by various Advertisers, in particular by independent professional merchants.
All these advertisements are published under the whole and only responsibility of these Advertisers.
The Site can in no way be held responsible for the content of these ads and transactions that may be carried out between an Advertiser and an Internet user.

2 -1 Obsolescence of ads

Antiquités en Provence reserves the right to remove outdated ads (Article sold, or offered for sale for more than six months)

2 -2 Announcements broadcast

In order to ensure optimal visibility of ads, Antiquités en Provence reserves the right to distribute them on its various communication media: brochures, newsletters, blog Antiques, mobile applications, blogger, rss feeds, twitter, facebook, instagram, pinterest Antiquities in Provence on Google Plus… This list is not exhaustive. Or any other means he deems useful to promote the Site and the ads it carries.

2 -3 Limitations

Antiquités en Provence accepts no responsibility regarding the accuracy, completeness, legitimacy, reliability, or availability of information or data contained in the ads.
Antiquités en Provence does not accept any responsibility relating to the origin or property rights of the Articles offered for sale by Advertisers. It is up to the Advertisers to have all the useful rights with the setting on sale of the Articles objects of the Announcements which they publish on the Site.
The Site reserves the right to alert the competent authorities if it deems that an advertisement is likely to be illegal.


Members benefit from services offered by the Site (notably receiving newsletters or alerts on the publication of Articles, contacting an Advertiser to obtain information on a particular Article). Antiquités en Provence has a discretionary right to accept, refuse or cancel the status of Member to a User.
Any use of the information available on the Site, for purposes other than those for which the said information is made available to Members, may be subject to recourse by Antiquités en Provence, in particular for the protection of Intellectual Property.


The agenda aims to present and promote events and events related to the sector of antiquity, and antique objects from collections, regardless of their location.
Consulting the agenda is free. The user is warned that the information contained in the agenda is provided for information purposes only and without any guarantee of accuracy, and that he must obtain information before using it.